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Pearlscent Vinyl Flooring Tiles

SPC Flooring/Vinyl flooring Tiles, the finish is smooth and high gloss, looks like the marble and ceramic tiles.
But it's click lock system, very easy to install. No need any concrete and wait. Just click them together.
Best choice for the bathroom, kitchen.
  • SPC4-KW6040-5
  • Eco Home

SPC Flooring/Vinyl Flooring Tiles, made up of a blend PVC and natural stone powder, making the product extremely stable and water resistant. It is can be used anywhere, but they are especially ideal for rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. From accidental spills to pet messes, our worry-free vinyl plank options keep your flooring protected from moisture.

Different from regular vinyl floor, there is no plasticiser inside, so it is more environmentally friendly. SPC flooring mainly structured with the UV coating, abrasion resistant paper, decorative paper film and core board. Meanwhile IXPE &Cork option available for high end usage.

  • Water-Resistant

One of the biggest benefits of SPC flooring option is that it is 100% water-resistant. The resin in the SPC core makes it water-resistant, allowing SPC a good flooring choice for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even restaurants. Moreover, it is also anti-slip. Have kids or elderly living in your home? Install SPC in your home.

  • Easy to Maintain

Possessing the same properties as regular vinyl flooring, cleaning SPC flooring is easy. Regular sweeping and mopping will keep it looking new.

  • Scratch and Impact-Resistant

The strong SPC wear layer and the core of the flooring will protect it from scratches and dents. 

  • Range of Options

Below the anti-fade UV coating, and a transparent wear-resistant layer is a printed decorative layer. This printed layer comes in a variety of styles, colors, and textures. The realistic print that imitates the look of wood, stones, or cement surfaces will fit any of your design ideas. 

spc flooring structure

SPC Flooring specification

Material 100% virgin material
Thickness 5mm
Size 610x305mm/ 24"x12"
Top wear layer 0.3mm/12mil 
warranty 15-20years for residental , 10years for light commercial
Color Hundreds of color designs available
Installation  Uniclic system
Surface treatment UV coating
Special treatment High Gloss
Design style Stone/ Marble/ Slate

SPC Flooring packing

Pcs/box 8pcs
weight/box 13 kgs
boxes/pallet 72-90 boxes
Pallet size 1250x990x650mm
Pallets/20'FCL 18-20 pallets
Sqm/20'FCL 2948 square meters
Weight(kgs)/20'FCL 21960 kgs

how to install SPC Vinyl Tiles

ecohome spc flooring06


ecohome spc flooring13


ecohome spc flooring12


ecohome spc flooring14


spc vinyl tile02


spc vinyl tile03


spc vinyl tile04


spc vinyl tile01


ecohome spc flooring02


ecohome spc flooring01


ecohome spc flooring03


ecohome spc flooring12


Advantage of SPC Flooring

  •  100% waterproof, Stain-resistance

  •   Fireproof

  •   Anti-Scratch

  •   Slip resistance

  •   Easy to Installation and maintenance


Installation Guideline for SPC flooring

How to install the SPC Flooring?

  1. Adjust row so end cut is not less than 8".

  2. Use shims to allow 3/8" expansion gap between the planks and the walls, or stationary interior room objects, so there is room for normal expansion and movement.

  3. Starting from the LEFT with the tongue facing the wall,carefully place the first board in place.

  4. Align the next piece by overlapping the short end of the first board, Engage the short end at a 45° angel of the tongue and groove. The board must be flat to engage completely. Tap lightly into place by using a rubber mallet and tapping block to firmly lock short end. Continue in this manner until reaching the final plank in the first row.

  5. Cut the final board piece to length.

  6. Begin the second row with the cutpiece from the first row. If the cut piece is shorter than 8" (20cm), do not use it. Instead, begin with a new board to the left as necessary to align the edges of the end joint of the first row. Carefully push the board down until the gongue and groove lock together on the long side and ends.

  7. Position the first board of the second row in place by engling it up slightly, pushing forward and interlocking the long side of the tongue. Slide the board to the left as necessary to align the edges of the end joint of the first row.

    Carefully pushthe board down until the tongue and groove lock together on the long side and ends.

  8. Install second board of the second row (same as step 4 above). Slide close to the end joint without touching it. Ensure board lays flat.

    Attach a scrap piece of floor to bridge gap between ends of planks.

  9. Tap firmly but gently on end joint with a rubber mallet and tapping block to fully engage short end. Before moving on the next board, ensure the end joints are flush and tight.

  10. Install the remaining boards and rows in the same container.

  11. Cut the last board to size. If necessary, complete the tight fit by tapping the board into place with a pull bar.

  12. Whenever practical, use cut pieces from previous rows as the starter board to reduce waste.

  13. Maintain 8" spacing between end joints after the first rows for best apperance.

spc flooring installation

SPC Flooring Specification

DimensionsEN 4271219.2*152.4mm

GB/T 40851219.2*177.8mm


Thickness Over AllEN 4282.0mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm

4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm

6.0mm, 6.3mm, 8.0mm
Thickness Wear LayerEN 4290.15mm, 0.3mm, 0.55mm 
Pell Strength of LayersEN 431Pass
Shear Forces of LayersEN 432Good
Residual IndentationsEN 433Mean Value ≤ 0.1mm
Dimension StabilityEN 434Shrinkage ≤ 0.12%

Curling ≤ 1.2mm
Resistance to ChemicalsEN 423Class 0
Castot Chair ContinuousEN 425No Disturbance

No Delamination
Light FastnessISO 105 B02≥ 6
Resistance to Fire
ASTM E84-03NFPA Class B1
Slip ResistanceDIN 51130R9




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