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Full Stair Board

PVC Stair Board can be made by real PVC , WPC or SPC, 100% virgin materials
The Landing Stair Nose combines style and function to enhance the beauty of a staircase or step
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Category:  Flooring trim

Product :  Full stairboard

Full stairboard & riser

Surface Material: Wearlayer+decorative film

Core Material: PVC/WPC/SPC

Full Riser

Surface Material: Wearlayer+decorative film

Core Material: PVC/WPC/SPC

stair board

Core Material PVC/WPC/SPC
Wearlayer  0.3mm/12mil
Product width(mm) 292mm
Product thickness(mm)  25mm
Product length(mm) 1220mm/48"
For flooring thickness 4-6mm
Residential Warranty in years 5
Commercial Warranty in years 2
Quantity per carton (pcs) 10
Packing size (L*W*H) cm 123*30*17
CBM per carton 0.063CBM

Step 1

Measure each riser individually as dimensions usually vary from step to step. Measure the height of the steps in multiple locations to get the narrowest dimension to cut the riser to. Number the risers so you can keep track of each individual measurement as you measure each step. Start with cutting the longest riser first, and make adjustments to the squareness of the cut to obtain a good fit. You do not want more then a 1/16" of a gap. This gap will be later filled with caulking. Once your are satisfied with the fit, you can cut it to width as described above. 

Staring with the longest cut first will allow you to use the riser for a shorter step later on, in case you have cut the riser too short.The primed risers can be painted at this stage and left to dry before proceeding.

stair riser installation 1

Step 2

Beginning at the bottom of the staircase, dry fit the stair riser using the correct one in accordance with the numbered system Next, apply a little construction adhesive to the back of the riser where it is attached to the stair stringer. Nail the risers into place with 16 gauge 1-1/2" to 2" length finishing or brad nails.

stair riser installation 2

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